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Life Insurance

Protection if you have lost a family member.

Disability Insurance

Protection if you are unable to work due to illness or injury.

Millennium Asset Protection

Protection in the event of a total loss.

Use the following steps to ensure that the claim is handled in an efficient and effective manner.

  1. MIC must be notified within 60 days of the date the primary insurance deemed the vehicle to be a total loss.
  2. The dealership must submit a completed claim form to MIC via fax to 1.800.304.4031 or email it to
    1. Ensure that all the policyholders' personal information is up to date and entered correctly.
    2. Ensure that the amount financed is entered correctly and accurately. The amount financed is calculated on the MAP policy as follows:
      1. price of vehicle;
      2. plus additional parts and accessories installed on the Vehicle;
      3. plus freight & PDI;
      4. plus cost of extended warranties;
      5. plus additional insurance or other refundable coverage;
      6. plus doc fees and registration fees;
      7. less the Applicant’s down payment;
      8. less the value allocated to any trade-in;
    3. A detailed explanation of the total loss including date and description of the incident.
    4. Review the eligibility/ineligibility of commercial vehicles described in section 5.2 (f) and (g) with the policyholder and verify that the vehicle has not been used for any of the purposes indicated in this section; which would make the vehicle ineligible (unless the use of the Vehicle falls within the definition of Light Commercial Use and the option was selected on the Application Page).
  3. Copies of the following documents are required in order for the claim to be processed and the claim amount to be determined:
    1. the Millennium Asset Protection certificate,
    2. the bill of sale for the original purchase of the vehicle,
    3. the finance contract from the secured lender,
    4. any documents that establish the date and cause of the total loss (including, but not limited to, any police reports),
    5. proof of payment from the primary insurance company for the Total Loss,
    6. document from the secured lender of the outstanding amount as of the Total Loss date,
    7. any other documents reasonably requested by the dealer or Millennium that will help the claim be adjudicated.
  4. The policyholder is required to sign the claim form indicating that all required documentation has been provided and is accurate, and that the vehicle does indeed meet all eligibility requirements set forth on the MAP policy.
  5. Once the claim form and all required documentation have been received MIC will assess the claim. MIC will not process and pay a claim until the policyholder has received all amounts from any insurance, including the Primary Insurance Policy, or other indemnity that is valid and collectible, and from any other recoverable or refundable source.
  6. If approved, MIC will forward the dealership a completed claim calculation form which will detail the amount to be paid by MIC.
  7. $500 Loyalty Credit must be used within 90 days of the deemed total loss date according to the customer’s Primary Insurance Policy. To qualify, replacement vehicle purchase must be made at the dealership where the original MAP policy was issued. To receive re-imbursement, the dealer will be required to submit a copy of the signed Bill of Sale for the new vehicle showing the $500 credit has been applied.
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Critical Illness Insurance

Protection if you are diagnosed with a critical illness.

Involuntary Unemployment

Protection if you have lost your job

To initiate an Involuntary Unemployment claim, please contact our claims department directly by calling 780.410.4540, or by emailing

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Vehicle Return Coverage

Protection if you change your mind about your vehicle.

To initiate a Vehicle Return claim, please contact our claims department directly by calling 780.410.4540, or by emailing

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Mechanical Breakdown

Protection if your vehicle has an unexpected breakdown.

  1. Return your vehicle to your selling dealer or local repair centre.
  2. Present the dealer/repair centre a copy of your Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Policy/Vehicle Service Contract.
  3. You will have to authorize the diagnosis to determine the failure.
  4. Have your dealer/repair centre contact our office at 780.410.4546 or at once the failure has been determined with a parts and labour estimate prior to making repairs.
  5. Our Mechanical Claims Administrators will inform the dealer/repair centre of the claim coverage upon review of the claim submitted in Step 4 based on the failure and coverage.

If you have any questions about the form or its application, please call our Mechanical Claim Department at 780.410.4546 or email at

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Platinum Shield Protection Auto

Protection if your treated vehicle's appearance has been damaged due to environmental conditions.

Platinum Shield Protection RV

Protection if your treated RV’s appearance has been damaged due to environmental conditions.

Platinum Security Protection

Protection if your vehicle has been stolen.

Platinum Key & Remote Protection

Protection if your keys or remotes have been damaged or lost.

Platinum Tire & Rim Protection

Protection if your tire is punctured, or rim damaged due to a road hazard.


Protection if your vehicle has a dent or ding, or your upholstery needs a cut, tear, or burn repaired.

Replacement Insurance

Protection against depreciation in the event of a total loss.

To initiate a Replacement Insurance claim, please contact our claims department directly by calling 1 800.381.2580 or by emailing as soon as you become aware of a loss.

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