January 25, 2024 / fciAsh Chandra

I had acquired a wealth of knowledge and became a subject matter expert in my role at the General Bank of Canada (GBC) and felt it was the perfect time to seek a new opportunity to enhance my career. The values and culture I experienced at General Bank of Canada (GBC) motivated me to focus my search within the Wheaton Group. I wanted to continue to be part of a company with positive morale, strong leadership, and ethical practices. The role offered by First Canadian Financial Group (FCFG) allowed me to combine the analytic skills honed at General Bank of Canada (GBC) and my previous inclinations for relationship management and business development. In my first year with First Canadian Financial Group (FCFG), I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with the Alberta field team and have received fantastic support from various head office departments. I am looking forward to being a part of the growth of this company.

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